Q. How do I drink the ICEE® slush pouch?

A. Place pouch in freezer for at least 4 hours. Remove from freezer and let thaw 5-10 mins (if you can’t wait that long, place under warm water for 30 seconds). Massage the pouch until you get a slushy consistency. Unscrew the top and squeeze from spout. You can also rip off the top at the notch and pour into a cup to enjoy with a spoon or straw.

Q. What can I do if my ICEE® slush pouch is frozen solid?

A. Simply place under warm water for 30 seconds or let sit at room temperature for 5-10 mins. Massage the pouch until you get a slushy consistency. Remove cap then squeeze to enjoy.

Q. Can I microwave my ICEE® slush pouch to defrost?

A. No. The pouch material is not made to be microwaved.

Q. How do I prevent my hands from getting cold when drinking the ICEE® slush pouch?

A. ICEE® is a frozen product so will be very cold. If you plan to hold the pouch for an extended period of time, wrap a napkin or paper towel around the pouch or use a 12oz bottle zip-up koozie- it fits like a glove!

Q. Where can I Purchase ICEE® slush pouches?

A. Please email us at info@bigeasyblends.com  for locations.

Q. Why can’t I find your product in my usual store anymore?

A. ICEE® slush pouches are a seasonal item at retail, however, they are available year round on Amazon.

Q. Do you offer coupons or discount?

A. Occasionally we have promotions to highlight our ICEE® slush pouches. Please email info@bigeasyblends.com for any current offers.

Q. How do I carry ICEE® slush pouches in my store or retail chain?

A. Please contact sales@bigeasyblends.com.